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What is Hako?

Hako is a dead-simple app where you tell it what credit cards you have, and it does all the math to figure out the best card for every spending category. It accounts for things like redemption multipliers, rotating categories, and more.

Core Product Features
  • Add your credit cards to your Wallet.
  • View a list of all the bonus categories for your cards.
  • Each category tells you the best card to use, and any “fine print”.
    • Tap to see all the details, including which card to transfer to for extra rewards.
    • If there’s any catches, you’ll also see the next-best card.
  • View details for each card from your wallet.
  • Your cards and settings sync using iCloud.
  • The backend is open source, so anyone can add credit card data.
  • Unlock alternate app icons and unlimited cards with a tip of your choosing, from $4.99-$19.99.

There are many more features planned, including widgets.

Who makes Hako?

Paku was created by Pitou Technologies, LLC, a one-person venture from Kyle Bashour.

Media Assets

Feel free to use any of the images from this website, or download a set of press images using this link. If you’re writing about Hako, you can request a promo code to unlock the supporter features.

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